Lotus Bees

By Wendy Pepyat



Artwork details:
Acrylic on Canvas
Size in cm: 152h x 122w
Ready to Hang
Created March 2016 

Wendy says:
Lotus Flower symbolism’s that are associated with purity, further to this the heart of the Lotus is considered to be purist and people need to strive to be like the opened flower and be of good heart; the soul is also considered to be within the heart of the Lotus. The home (hive), the bee is a symbol of wholesome child-rearing, love within the family, domestic stability, harmony and open communication among family members. When the bee visits us, it’s often a message for these family themes...an encouragement to open healthy communications within the family, reevaluate the home, and family. Bees remind us to focus on the nurturing of our family, community and support groups.

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