InRock #1

By Mat Hughes



Artwork Details:
Limited edition: 50 numbered and signed on the reverse side
Medium: Giclée (Inkjet Pigment Print) on Canson 310 gsm Photographique Rag. Foam board
Frame: Black Frame
Dimensions: framed 62.5 x 45.0 x 3.0cm / unframed 59.5 x 42.1cm 

Mat says:
This started as a personal project to photograph the beauty of those Classic Album recordings. It soon became apparent that the music was only a small part of this story. I was drawn instead to the surface detail etched into these battered old cassettes. The rich patina of scrapes and scratches, the imagined history. Wear and tear from countless plays on a thousand different occasions, frayed cardboard boxes and sun bleached inks reminding us that we each have our own sound track.        

The majority of my work is captured digitally. On occasion I may use film or indeed any other medium that suits the work. Much of my work takes place following the image capture. For my images to be fully realised I need to control every aspect of their production including printing and framing.

I've always been drawn to journey's and moving through the land towards distant horizons. Nuances in a landscape attract me. Geography and history play important parts. I like standing still and imagining the passing of time over the land…

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