Chocolate Factory Discovery

By Inessa Ivascanin



Artwork details
Medium: Acrylic paint and resin on canvas
Size in cm: 75w x 75h
Ready to Hang  

Inesssa says ...
Authentic little village with its pathways and original homes and sheds that got turned into a chokolate factory. Colors are bright and inviting. You could almost smell the aroma of cacao and flowers that grow by the side of a walkway. Flickering lanterns in the distance indicate a place where good company can get together and listen to the music. It's about happy days.

What has inspired me:
Even though it's a fantasy scene, I remember the time, when me and the family came across this lovely chocolate factory in NZ..., seeing the production of delicious treats, then tasting them afterwords made our day! 

Also many of times I've picked chocolate when I felt a bit down and guess what!
It surely picked me back up. 

So, I can positively say, chocolate can bring me happiness! Well, add to it anyway.



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