About Us

We make it easy to buy original Australian contemporary art online.

Hatch-d is a carefully curated online art marketplace where lovers of Australian art – and emerging Australian artists – can purchase affordable, contemporary original art online. You can also see how your will look in your home or office – before you buy.

100% Australian-owned, curated by art lovers for art lovers.

Hatch-d is a 100% Australian-owned initiative founded by Jacqui Thomas, creative director, curator, Art Hunter, and collector of gorgeous things. She is also the mother of a young artist.

Jacqui heads a diverse community of art lovers from varied backgrounds, ages, and ethnicities. The curating panel known as the Art Hunter is made up of various artists, academics, collectors, and creative industry professionals.

 Read more about Jacqui Thomas here

The Hatch-d Vision: to make it easy, fun, and rewarding to buy original Australian art online.

We want you to feel inspired, fall in love, and connect with emerging and unrepresented artists, along with the vibrant diversity of the Australian art scene. We want you to enjoy the same excitement and enrichment that we get from owning, enjoying, and investing in original Australian art.

We also want to take the sometimes intimidating and alienating experience of entering a physical art gallery, and make it as easy and simple as browsing through Instagram or Pinterest. (That being said you can also follow us on Instagram – we’re on there too!)

We believe that original art should be easily accessible to everyone, not just to a ‘elite’ group of art lovers that are tuned into a particular ‘scene’.

Our team of art curators love to inspire, educate, and excite people about original Australian art, and to enrich their lives through understanding, knowledge, and ownership.

We do this via a fully curated online art marketplace featuring emerging and unrepresented Australian artists, sharing ideas and knowledge via social media and our Art-Xposed blog


We also offer a unique art visualisation service called Art Your Space that shows you how your new art will look in your own home or office – before you buy.  

Our Mission and Goals 

Our mission is based on our deep passion for Australian contemporary art and representing emerging and unrepresented artists, promoting our extended Australian art community, and most importantly, a desire to share the joy of original art.

At Hatch-d we believe that art is for everyone -- and not the privileged or daring few.

Our goals are...

… To be the most intuitive and accessible online art market in Australia,

… To connect a wide variety or artists with the broadest market of art lovers and buyers – without the formalities of a traditional art gallery,

… To make selling and buying original and limited edition artwork easier than ever before,

… And to match you with your perfect piece of art – one that you’ll love for years to come!

Who is Hatch-d for?

Hatch-d is for everyone. From first-time art buyers, to long-time art collectors. Interior designers, stylists, spatial designers, and architects. For those that want to fall in love with their art, to those that need to fill a space with a special piece. For those who simply want to browse and be inspired, to those who are looking to make a significant emotional investment.

Want to know more about Hatch-d?

 Please contact us – we’d love to hear from you!