Wendy Pepyat
Wendy Pepyat

Wendy Pepyat

I am a North Queensland painter who moved from Victoria 3 years ago to finally become a full time artist.

Realising at a very early age that art seemed to be the only thing that I could excel at in school. I also found that doing art took me to a whole other place, some where that I was in control, that’s pretty awesome for a kid.

Mostly though, as an adult my art was second place to my everyday work in banking, I spent thousands of hours painting and undertook many art classes. Every time I painted I would say “all I want to do is paint everyday and nothing else”, clearly I was manifesting my future. I kept my paintings to myself because I wasn’t keen to put my heart and soul out there for the world to see yet.

Then I did a course to develop my intuition, my teacher insisted I paint blossom on her wall in the room where she taught. I first said no, yes I was fearful, then she said, you will always be part of the room if you do, so that was my first public piece of work.

Developing my intuition changed how I painted in a big way. Suddenly painting what I saw was not satisfying. I wanted to paint from within me, I started to paint from my heart and allowed the Universe to direct me. My biggest struggle has been to not allow my head to interfere with the direction of the painting.

I firmly believe that if you are attracted to a piece of my art, then maybe it was painted just for you. So you need to sit in it, absorb it and feel it, the healing comes from the message and the colour.

Exhibited : Townsville, Brisbane & Melbourne.
Internationally: 3 different locations in Italy.
Sales: Townsville, Melbourne, Adelaide & country Victoria