Susie Beville
Susie Beville

Susie Beville

Susie derives most of her inspiration from the outdoors with an overwhelming affinity for intense colour and fluidity. Her passion lies in both the texture and depth of mixed medium and the smooth, unstoppable and unpredictable flow that working with resin and house paints allow.

Susie discovered her love of painting and colour in her early teens and consequently over the years dabbled sporadically with her creativity in between university degrees, various corporate positions, having children and, whilst her kids were young, found the perfect outlet in running her home based kids interiors painting business. After a successful 10 years hand painting kids furniture and eager to break free from the constrained parameters of toyboxes, pinboards and coat stands, Susie redirected her love and talent for painting back into canvases.

Susie’s love for the outdoors, nature, people and colour inspired her to spend the next 3 years working towards creating a large compilation of over 45 works for her first solo exhibition in 2004 in which over 35 paintings were sold over the course of the 2 week exhibition. She then spent the next few years taking on commissions from private clients who were unable to find that perfect piece of artwork at a competitive price to compliment their homes and work spaces. Susie appreciated this opportunity of continued creative freedom dabbling in many different mixed medium including resin, house paint, gesso, impasto, gold leaf, oils, acrylic, fibres and gemstones.

Due to family circumstances, Susie’s artistic path paused and for the last 10 years she has fed her creative desires through her food coaching programs, cooking classes and home catering business.

However, after recently finding herself with more time on her hands and the increasing flexibility of almost grown children (who are both artists themselves,) and, through some much needed encouragement combined with an overwhelming desire to “get back into it” Susie has found her painting motivation once again.

“I had shown some much loved pieces that I had kept for myself from a previous exhibition to a close friend who challenged me to just get in there and paint again! I spent a few months rediscovering my absolute joy of using resin and colour (without a brief beyond the colour scheme) and felt my whole being come alive again. I was born to paint, to express, to be creative and to share my love of art.

With this opportunity of displaying my work in hatch-d online gallery, I have included a cross-section of some older, more coveted yet rarely available works, that were previously in a private family collection, and my new bold vibrant and intense resin style.” - Susie Beville.