The beauty of original sculpture lies
in its tactile nature.

The joy of sculpture lies in its three-dimensional, physical nature.
You can touch and feel your art as a solid object.

Whether you’re emotionally moved by
shapes that are organic, curvaceous, geometric, angular…
or textures that are rough, fine, smooth, coarse, or uneven…
It’s the ability to touch your art that makes sculpture so magic.

Scale is not important. Whether it’s larger than life, or intricately carved from the tip of a graphite pencil, sculpture has a unique impact that two-dimensional art does not.

Sculpture can be created by repurposing or recycling found objects or cast in a mold. Either way, it is something to enjoy from every angle and then observed as it reveals itself.

We have a range of sculptures starting from $100 that will delight from the first unveiling and then continue to provide enjoyment for a lifetime.

Small sculptures are fantastic affordable gifts and this range by Leonie Leivenzon are overflowing with whimsy. And as with all our art, we provide free shipping* and a 100% money back guarantee.

Featured Art: SHADES OF SILVER by Leonie Leivenzon