Rhonda Davies
Rhonda Davies

Rhonda Davies

Rhonda Says ...

'I never have a plan, but always a vision. If you love it, that's enough.

I don't have a grand message, I simply want to make people happy.

I want you to look at my paintings and fall in love.'

When I paint I am exploring colour, texture and patterns and how they relate. In my Figurative work I explore everyday things and colours convey emotions. My Semi Abstract work, the forms I use are often found in nature or sometimes unexpected places, like the design of a spider web.

Each painting begins with pure colour and grows with each layer of paint and design.

I’m a passion fuelled artist and I believe art makes each of us ( and the spaces we live in) more lively and dynamic.

I believe we all have our own unique sense of style ..... with art being an extension of our individual style.

Art transports us to a time, a place, a feeling or a memory.


About Rhonda Davies

Rhonda is a Melbourne based artist, with over 20 years experience with acrylic and oil paintings in contemporary art, whether it be her Illustrative art or her newer designer pieces.

She is represented in galleries across Victoria. Her style has a unique edge and appeals to a wide audience. She studied art throughout her school days and later on as an adult. Over the years Rhonda has exhibited in group and solo shows.

Rhonda’s extensive travelling has strongly influenced her development as an artist. She discovered the art of Hundertwasser in Austria, which really inspired her studies in design, her other influences are the early European Fauvist Artists and their use of colour.

Central to Rhonda’s painting is her vibrant and sophisticated use of colour, she devotes much attention to the play of colours, that makes her paintings sing with a freshness of a spring garden. Her paintings make connections and cross boundaries between worlds. They are lively and vibrant, expressive and stylized.

She recently became a published artist, her art has been licensed for a card company in the UK, with worldwide distribution.

Over the years she has sold many paintings of all subjects and they are hanging all over the world. She likes to spread happiness through her paintings.