We love great photography!

Great photography has the capacity to ‘sing’ off a wall, define a space, make you look at the world differently, and move you in a way that leaves you wanting more, all in an affordable and accessible format.

The concept of photography as simply a mechanical recording medium has long gone, and while the digital age has enabled everyone to take a photograph with their smartphone, it has not made everyone into a great photographer! In fact, the difference has never been more pronounced perhaps as photographers look to paintings and other art forms to explore the potential of new technologies.

The price of fine art photography is often kept down by the potential to make an unlimited number of exact copies of the same image therefore making it less exclusive than painting, so look for limited edition photographs that are personally signed and numbered by the artist.

Subjects range from nudes to portraits, panoramic landscapes to still lives, super realism to abstracts. Techniques include long exposures, multiple exposures, high speed, tilt shift, blown highlights, cross processing, diffusion, choice of film grain or noise, use of balance and composition, framing, leading lines and depth – all contributing to making photography one of the most creative and undervalued art forms.

So if you find a photograph that you love, don’t discount its validity as art. That argument has long been fought and resolved - love it / buy it / hang it and enjoy it!

Featured Art: IN FLUX SERIES by Mat Hughes