Paola Ditel
Paola Ditel

Paola Ditel

In my artwork there is a spiritual influence that is not always obvious but never the less is my base.
The medium I use is mainly acrylic love its versatility and experimentation is fun. I also use Pastel and have sold many paintings in this medium and watercolour. I also enjoy working in pencil, charcoal and have incorporated these mediums in painting with acrylic including inks.
I have loosened up my style some from the early realistic traditional approach though there are times when I reanimate its discipline.
I opened up to contemporary and abstract with acrylics exploring new ideas and texture which has added another dimension to my art making. My inspiration is an emotional response to the world around me and Mother Nature is very inspiring.
Play of light and colour is always on my mind as is the relationship of colour.
Therefore I change my style quiet a bit, having said this there is my own style in the interpretation of my painting. What inspires me is the challenge to create something new and different which refreshes my skills as an artist.

I’m a Melbourne born artist. My love of art started at primary school where I would spend time embellishing the pictorial subject of a project not that I lacked in the theory but the design always was my interest and would take more care to get it just right. Consequently it would result in good marks.
Often I would go into my bedroom and practice drawing galleon ships, horses. Later loved drawing faces spent hours observing Leonardo da Vinci drawings and painting.
Fell in love with the beautiful fine line and also marvelled at the grotesque drawings and inventions he did.
Later in high school I excelled in various subjects but art subject was my passion.
Couldn’t wait for the art period to come around. My artwork was more than once displayed in the school foyer and when it came time for the counselling teachers to talk to the students about further education I was steered to go and do a Fine arts degree. My parents being of the old school did not think the same way, thought that further education would be wasted on a girl.
I am therefore mainly self-taught as my passion for art never diminished.
After marriage I joined the Greensborough art society that had very fine tutors including Maxwell Wilks now a renowned artist. There I started in oils but later I found that it affected my sinuses so I now use acrylics and discovered a new approach and its versatility.
Later I had the opportunity to study interior design and graduated from RMIT.
I worked in the industry for about 10 years in furnishing of restored Period homes. On a commercial level collaborated with many architects on various projects, the project for the Crown casino and other commercial ventures in the city of Melbourne and Adelaide both period and modern design. Including being part of the early participation in Decorex. The work took me overseas it was an interesting creative time.
Moving on to NSW I joined the Cooma art society and found a fervent art community there. Attending local art courses in Pottery, which I found to be liberating and fun and life drawing with the renowned Chris Graham (sculpture) who has work represented there. I met many wonderful artist such as Imants Tillers, Prue Acton, Jackie Gorring and more.
I started to exhibit my art in the local area began to sell.
I returned to Victoria 1999 living on the Mornington Peninsula joined the peninsula art society later the member of the Oak Hill gallery. In this time I acquired the diploma Teacher in Hatha yoga and also became Pilates instructor.

I don’t have a favourite artist or art movement there are too many that I like but something magical happens inside of me when I look at Matisse’s art!

Canterburry Primary artshow
Camberwell artshow
Chelsea artshow
Flinders artshow
Dromana artshow
Derinya Primary artshow
Mt Eliza Primary artshow
Bayside artshow
Frankston Regional Artisan Network Gallery
Original Oz Gallery
Ryazanoff Gallery
Oak Hill Gallery
Pas artshow
Cooma Gallery
Merimbula Gallery
Pambula Gallery

Best in Black and White Exhibition at Cooma Gallery
Best Acrylic at Peninsula Art Society
Highly Commended at Derinya Primary Exhibition
Highly Commended at Cooma Exhibition
Third Prize at Oak Hill Gallery