Monika Alston
Monika Alston

Monika Alston

Monika Alston is an emerging Melbourne based abstract acrylic artist. Born in 1958, she majored in Art Theory - Bachelor of Arts at La Trobe University. Monika’s artistic awakening began later in life when faced with blank walls in a new residence giving her the inspiration to create colour on canvas. She commenced art classes, which created a space for releasing her passion for paint and colour. Monika’s blank canvases become the receptors of colour, emotion and self-exploration. Monika’s art is an expression self characterised by combining bold and subtle colour variations and textures that are inspired by her connection with nature, food and music. Monika is a member of the Contemporary Art Society Victoria and Victorian Artists Society.

List of Group Exhibitions:
VAS Applied International Contemporary Exhibition - 2017
Contemporary By Nature – Herring Island 2017
Marine Art Exhibition – Beaumaris 2017
Mornington Art Exhibition – 2017
Art at Burnley Harbour – 2016
Victoria Artists Society – Spring Exhibition 2016
Camberwell Art Show - 2016
Victorian Artists Society - Winter Exhibition 2016
Contemporary Showcase 16 – Decoy Café 2016
Victorian Artists Society - Undine Landscape Award 2016
RAW Signature Showcase 2016
Art Town 2016
Contemporary By Nature – Herring Island 2016
Knox Art Show 2016
Contemporary Showcase 15 – Decoy Café 2016
Marine Art Exhibition – Beaumaris 2016