Lynette Tilt
Lynette Tilt

Lynette Tilt

Welcome to my profile...what would you like to know? Like most artists my work reflects how I see the world and is influenced by the many facets of life that I have lived. Feel free to share my musings below...

About my work:
My work explores my environment up close and from afar and reflects a love of nature, life and story as well as my fascination with the interconnection of all things. I create stylized, semi-abstract and abstract works in both 2D and 3D form. Ranging from paintings to delicate silver jewelry. I aim to recreate the beauty I see in my surrounds as both a cathartic exercise and to capture and share my love and awe of the world around me.
Many of my works are imbued with stories about childhood and life experience. I love working with paint of any kind and inks, metal and clay. Whilst I love realism and photography, my heart and expression is most often stylized, expressive and abstracted.
I believe that true happiness and fulfilment comes from living authentically as who you are, doing your best and giving back to your community…as such my art is sent out into the world with this energy.

About me now:
I have exhibited my jewelry, photography and fine art collections intermittently for the past 20 years whilst pursuing my role as mother and provider to my 2 teenage daughters. At this point in my life, I have returned to my creative roots and am strongly committed to forging strong ties with the Brisbane community and becoming a vibrant and active member of the Brisbane and Australian Arts community.

What brought me to now:
Though born in Tully, I spent most of my childhood in a small mining town called Collinsville. As a teenager, my family moved from the North to South East Queensland where I finished high school and went on to study a degree in Fine Arts.
I am deeply influenced by my father and am ever aware of how our deep conversations and connection has infiltrated my style and perspectives. Time spent flying with him (he is a pilot who finds his peace above the noise of life), on the water, sand or just walking along an airport or down a country road, has seeped into every aspect of my personal and artistic expression. The linear style I gravitate towards seems almost ‘stain glass window like’ but in fact I believe it comes from years of absorbing aerial views and maps alongside my Dad. I too love solitude and smaller, personal realms – perhaps that is what draws me to my canvases and studio life. I am my father’s daughter.
My path hasn’t been a ‘romantic’ or ‘straight’ one fact I dropped out of the final semester of my Fine Arts degree (much to my family’s distress!) But, after almost a decade working in the fashion industry as a hairdresser, in theatre and photography, I found myself continuously gravitating back to what I guess I was born to do and share in this life – artistic expression and education.
Returning to my studies following the birth of my first daughter (18 years ago) I now crusade by day as a full time secondary school teacher in the Arts, English and Psychology. By night I work on my little business Lyneart Designs (fine art and jewelry) here in Manly, Queensland and enjoy the rich tapestry of relationships and experiences it affords me.
Thanks so much for joining me here today on Hatch-d and allowing me to share my work and journey with you.

Exhibitions & Events 
2017 Divine Inspiration COSSAG Exhibition
2017  Origins Entangle Living Art, Dayboro
2017  Featured at Manly Gallery ‘Snippets’ Collection
2017  Outside In St Vincents Hospital, Brisbane
2016   Topology Percolator Gallery, Paddington (Collaboration with Dan Cox DAP)
2015   King Lear (Heartbeast Productions) Jewellery designer/ creator
2015   Godspell (Costume design/ manager)        
2015   Baubles & Bubbles – Jewellery Showcase – Manly, Qld
2015   Redlands Centre for Women International Women’s Day High Tea
2014   Baubles & Bubbles – Jewellery Showcase – Manly, Qld
2014   RAW natural born artists showcase Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. November 21st.
2014   Redlands Centre for Women International Women’s Day High Tea
2014   Old Schoolhouse Gallery - Redlands
2014   San Sisto College Open Day
2013   San Sisto College Open Day
2012   San Sisto College Open Day
2011   We Are Stars (Exhibition) Kingaroy – Utopia Café
2011   Guest artist – “Exploring the Ephemeral”.  Saint Saviors College, Toowoomba
2011   Consultant – design and guest artist coordination Mark Shellshear ‘Carving Mary’ sandstone permanent installation (6 months) South Burnett Catholic College
2010   Accelerate (Exhibition) Kingaroy – Utopia Café
2010   Birth – a philanthropic permanent exhibition - Consultant/ curator – arts project Kingaroy General Hospital
2010   Guest Speaker – Rischelle Brookes exhibition (International Women’s Day connection)        
2009   South Burnett Catholic College Arts Showcase (curator and exhibitor)
2009   Guest Speaker International Womens’ Day Breakfast – Lions Club
2008   South Burnett Catholic College Arts Showcase (curator and exhibitor)
2008   Publication of book co-authored: Values education in schools (A resource book for student inquiry) Freakley, Burgh & Tilt MacSporran (ACER)
2007   South Burnett Catholic College Arts Showcase (curator and exhibitor)
1998   Guest Artist (Long Hair/ Colourist) Stage work: Goldwell. Toowoomba
1998   Photography Fashion – Ian Golding (Intercoiffure – Brisbane/ Toowoomba)
1998   Photography Fashion in the Quarry Adam Armstrong & Lynette Tilt
1997   Photography Fashion – Ian Golding (Intercoiffure – Brisbane/ Toowoomba)
1997   Les Miserables – Toowoomba Choral Society (Hair and costume design)
1994   Publication – poetry in Voices of the Downs: A collection of poems
1991 – 1994 Various student exhibitions. University of Southern Queensland.