Inessa Ivascanin
Inessa Ivascanin

Inessa Ivascanin

I am a professional established working artist and qualified visual art teacher of 15 years with an extensive clientele.

My unique artistic style conveys passion, soul and longing for places never been and a true depth of emotions seldom experienced.

I was immersed in the professional art world from childhood, my natural abilities gaining me a scholarship to the Munkachi Children's Art School in Ukraine before completing my professional art teaching qualifications at university as an adult. 

People that got me interested in art are my mum and two art teachers; they were passionate about it and encouraged me in many ways to grow artistically. I kept practicing in painting and drawing, whatever I have learnt from them. 

Moments, which I was losing myself in, were very peaceful and enjoyable as well, making me want to come back to that state of mind again. Joy and beauty in paintings I can create is what drives me to keep going and growing. Also teaching and passing on the knowledge I have gained to my students. I can tell that we are on the same page- sharing the love and fun of art. 

I helped numerous times, painting murals in orphanages in Thailand, donating some of the artworks to charitable events - that gave me a great feeling of purpose and reward. 

People often ask what inspires me. I think you can find an inspiration from everything around you, even the way sunshine lights up your cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Sometimes I get random thoughts and pictures in my mind of what I can do next. I think of colours that could be used and I get exited about new projects.

I have exhibited at a range of local galleries and have been selected as a finalist few times for the Gold Coast Border Art Prize. I have also worked as a curator and sales consultant at Urban Paradise Gallery, Surfers Paradise. 

Being a freelance artist is an exciting venture and I hope to keep growing. To support myself as an artist I also host international students that come here to learn English. Teaching art classes is what I love to do as well. 

Materials that I favour are acrylics, texture pastes and high gloss mediums. I find they give me that great bright 3D look that I’m going for in art pieces. In past there were many mediums I explored: oils, watercolours, porcelain painting, adding different types of varnishes, glosses and resin to create shiny finishes, clay in sculpture. I am working mainly on stretched canvases at the moment. 


Honorary Scholarship Munkachi Children's Art School, Ukraine.

Bachelor or Arts: Fine Arts Teaching Degree
Humanitarian-Pedagogical College, Mukachevo, Zakarpats'Ka Oblast', Ukraine.

Private coursework in porcelain painting

Private coursework in aerosol art


2006 Hilltop on Tamborine, Mt Tamborine 
2008 Gallery Gizelle, Brisbane
2012 Border Art Prize, Gold Coast Arts Centre, Gold Coast
2013 Bullimba Village Gallery, Brisbane
2013 Thailand Orphanages – teaching classes throughout Thailand
2014 Monet's Art Garden Gallery, Gold Coast
2015 Urban Paradise Art Gallery, Gold Coast
2015 Border Art Prize, Gold Coast Arts Centre, Gold Coast
2015 Ocean Shores Art Exhibition, Ocean Shores
2015 St Hilda's College Art Exhibition, Gold Coast
2016 Hillier and Skuse Art Gallery
2016 Border Art Prize Tweed River Gallery
2016 Rotary Art Spectacular Brisban
2016 The D’Arcy Doyle Art Awards