Deborah Rhodes
Deborah Rhodes

Deborah Rhodes

I grew up in leafy Glen Waverley with suburbia on one side and apple orchards and grazing cattle on the other. It was wonderful.

When I was fifteen years old I painted a picture on the back of my bedroom door. I have been painting ever since.

I have been using oil paint on canvas for more than 40 years. I love the myriad effects that can be created from the mix of oil with various tiny quantities of turps, and the pliability of the medium for days afterwards, which allows me to further manipulate the paint to achieve more effects.

I always seem to be creating something visual. As a dancer, I have choreographed many ballets of many genres, often with hand painted and designed costumes. The need to express my thoughts has always been urgent.

I have a fascination with the imperfect. I look for beauty in man-made and man-damaged items. Graffiti, ripped posters, building sites, derelict houses, rubble, rotting wood, rusty and paint splattered surfaces all have a place in my heart. They are all signs of human endeavours, failures, and adventures.

I call this theme 'The Beauty of Man's Imperfection'.

I am amazed at how many landscape images I have seen on the side of a scraped and rusty old hopper. There is beauty in the undesirable.

I record the beauty of a passing moment in time. This beauty is often hidden in the 'noise' around it. Somehow when it is recorded on canvas, we can see it as ART, yet it, or some semblance of it, was there in our everyday lives all the time.

We just have to want to look.

I love trees and landscape forms and that has been my other source of inspiration.

Whereas my ' Beauty in Man's Imperfection' theme demands a more realistic painting style, my expression of nature is totally romantic. For me, nature is already perfect; and so, I want to express its organic beauty as I see it in my soul.

I hope you enjoy my work.