Anne-Maree Wise
Anne-Maree Wise

Anne-Maree Wise

My name is Anne-Maree Wise, I grew up in Melbourne and have always been interested in art. Painting is my first love, my passion and my solace. I knew from an early age that all I wanted to do was draw and paint, I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education and have spent over 20 years teaching teenagers Art across Melbourne. Working with students has also taught me many lessons in terms of efficient studio practices and techniques and the importance of connecting with themes that touch your heart and spark creativity.

I have many art heroes, but regularly turn to Matisse to study colour and shape, and I look to Melbourne street artists for bursts of energy.

I use acrylic paint for instant colour as I can’t mull over an image, it has to emerge quickly from the canvas and then I can plunge into the art process. I have reignited my love of photography and use it to quickly capture fleeting moments to inspire my art work. I have always been fascinated by portraiture and rely on colour to express my mood.

I launched my art career last year exhibiting in a number of group shows. I have since joined a curated group of artists with Emerging Art Australia and held a solo show at Hogan Gallery in Collingwood. My work has been displayed throughout my local municipality, the City of Casey and published in the Australian Art Edit magazine. Recently I had work selected for inclusion in Art for Epilepsy, an online art auction raising awareness and funds for the Epilepsy Foundation. Art work from forty established and emerging Australian artists were curated for event. 

The past 18 months has been the most difficult, yet reaffirming time in my life. My treasured younger sister Fiona passed away from cancer in July, 2014. I turned to painting to cope and lost myself in a world of colour. The gentle swipe of a brush or the action of throwing paint took me to a new space and provided time to think and time to heal. I will be forever grateful for Fiona’s last gift to me: the motivation to paint and a renewed love for the creation of art work and the simple pleasures in life.

I continue to see glamorous faces in swirls of colour and abstracted forms, my aim will always be to capture my vision on canvas.