Investing in art for love not money

  • By Jacqui Thomas

Investing in art for love not money

We've just launched Issue #ONE of ART-Xposed.

Here's a peak. 

Why we need art.

According to contemporary philosopher Alain De Boton art is a vital force for humanity. It is human nature to want to collect beautiful things to love and appreciate, and to express ourselves both within our lifetime and when we are gone.

Art helps us thrive. 

Art can provide the prettiness we need to avoid falling into despair.

Art can reassure us that pain and darkness are a normal part of life. 

Art can restore balance by compensating in areas that we are lacking. 

Art can fill gaps within us helping to keep us balanced and sane.

Art can give us insights into what is important and glamourous or remind us to take notice of the everyday.

Art can feed our soul and make us feel complete.

The mini mag also includes:

Buying Art - What to look for.

When to buy Art.

How to find art you love.

How to be sure you're in love.

How much to spend on art.

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