5 Australian Artists to buy now

  • By Jacqui Thomas

5 Australian Artists to buy now

Leonie Leivenzon

I am a doctor, hypnotherapist, mother, wife…. and artist. While all these different elements combine to make up who I am, it is via my art that I connect with the essence of me.

I work intuitively, beginning with random mark making using acrylic, spray paint, pencil, stencils and collage. Then, working in layers, immersing myself in the kinaesthetic and textural quality of the process, the painting reveals itself. The layers add a richness and depth to the artwork. 


Ashvin Harrison

I create art that visually speaks of my personal beliefs and nature. I flow towards visual representations of thoughts and motivations to create art, which demonstrate the thin degree of separation between human and nature. I mainly create nude, portrait and nature realism and surrealism art pieces in charcoal as this dark natural substance reminds me of the positive beauty that can be found in bringing a cold, dark and raw material back to a representation of beautiful life. I use colour as an expression of emotion and movement.

Rhonda Davies

I never have a plan, but always a vision. If you love it, that's enough.
I don't have a grand message, I simply want to make people happy.
I want you to look at my paintings and fall in love.

When I paint I am exploring colour, texture and patterns and how they relate. In my Figurative work I explore everyday things and colours convey emotions. My Semi Abstract work, the forms I use are often found in nature or sometimes unexpected places, like the design of a spider web.


Jackson Ward

I serve the paint

I wake up, build a bit more of a house, come home and paint. It could be when I’m pushing a wheelbarrow or driving to get lunch for the other guys, the next painting comes to me. I get to see it for just long enough to remember it and I do what I can to bring it to life.


Dylan Cooper

Spending many years passively observing rock formations from the water while surfing, I have developed a need to express the fragmented line, texture and form of our landscape. Through using multiple layers of acrylic paint, aerosol paint and charcoal I create abstract representations of nature’s amazing compositions.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of financial gain when buying art. Buy for love not money.






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