4 days, 6 art shows & 1 tank full of creative energy

  • By Jacqui Thomas

4 days, 6 art shows & 1 tank full of creative energy

Its unusual to start a week with a full tank of creative energy. Sometimes life seems to be all output. So when it comes time to refuel, I head for either water or art.

I know lots of people don't know where to start with art and there's also that feeling of  pressure to feel a certain way or have an opinion about art, which is why I created Hatch-d. I love art and I love that art is so easy and fun to find. 

I approach art with no expectations and consequently I find the art experience to be emotionally, intellectually and physically rewarding. Its also become a big part of my social life because now that I understand that art people are just normal people (well mostly - some are a bit quirky), meeting artists and other art lovers excites me.

Lucky for me, over 4 days last week I was fortunate to have 6 very different art experiences and I want to share them with you to show you how easy it can be to enjoy art and experience it regularly. I want to show you that art is everywhere and that it doesn’t have to be the domain of the elite or ‘art educated’ few. You can just open your eyes and be inquisitive.

My 4 days looked like this ...

Last Wednesday afternoon I had a meeting in a South Yarra cafe lined with a personal collection belonging to the proprietor. I then headed into Melbourne for 2 grad shows. One at VCA and one at RMIT. On Thursday evening I attended a preview to an auction at Leonard Joel Auctions House. On Saturday afternoon I enjoyed the relaxed vibe at an open house in an old factory turned art space and on Sunday afternoon my partner and I dropped in to view a small group show in Windsor.

So, I experienced art in contrasts from piccolo lattes, to wine for a gold coin donation, then Moët served by apron clad wait staff to caramelised almonds and a blokes barbie in a tin roofed factory and then on to more sparkling. Portraits, landscapes, audio visual and sculptural installations, abstracts and limited edition photographs. From $50 to tens of thousands to 'not for sale'.

I hope you enjoy these snaps. 

The Domain Brasserie in South Yarra. Artist unknown. A personal collection of the owner. 

From the Victorian College of the Arts Grad show. Left to right: Renee Estée, artist unknown, James Prentice.

From the RMIT Grad show. Left to right: 'That's Not A Knife' by Ben Burgess, Stills from an audio visual installation by Naomi Lee

From Leonard Joel Auction House. Left to right: Bill Colman (1922-1993) 'Bringing in the Boat'. James Fardoulys (1900-1975) 'Douly in the Lakes'. Pro Hart (1928-2006) 'Smoko at the Woolshed'.

Enjoying the creative and relaxed vibe at Le Studio Art Space in Mordialloc. Featured artwork 'What Lies Beneath' by Monika Alston 

From 'A Colour-Full Life' at The Wolf & I. Left to right: Moona Williamson, Jack Vigor, Les Williamson

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