We've Hatch-d!

  • By Jacqueline Thomas

We've Hatch-d!

We’re super excited today as exposes itself for the first time on the WWW.

So our first blog is a blatant self promotion and a huge thanks to our foundation artists Mat Hughes, Wendy Pepyat, Dylan Cooper, Catherine Hiller, Leonie Leivenzon,  Andy McIntyre AKA Little Bones, Anne-Maree Wise and Jane Stradwick.

Be inspired, fall in love, connect with these artists and explore the untapped energy and beauty of the vibrant Australian art scene. Our artspace is filled with art that is contemporary and edgy, youthful, energetic and new, with the aim of making art and artists accessible to the broadest possible audience. Hatch-d has been founded on a passion for art and the art community and a desire to bring art to everybody. We aim to demystify art and believe that art is for everyone, not the priveleged or daring few. And at Hatch-d we understand that a choosing art is very personal.

Who is Hatch-d for?
Hatch-d is for everyone from first time art buyers to art collectors; interior stylists and spacial designers to architects; for those that want to fall in love with their art to those that want to fill a space with a great piece; for those who simply want to browse and be inspired to those who are looking to make an emotional investment.
What is the aim of Hatch-d?
To be the most intuitive and accessible art space and bring a wide variety or artists and the broadest market of buyers together without the complexities of an art gallery. To make selling and buying original and limited edition artwork easier than ever before.
Most importantly to match you with your perfect piece of art is the newest and most exciting place to browse and buy art. Hatch-d is always open so come on in and enjoy. Sign up to be an A-List Art Lover Here

BIG shout out too to Shopify, Netregistry and Senior Creative for their creativity, advice, patience and support.


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